The Tally logo, which is 4 squares of a crossword puzzle arranged in a 2x2 grid. The top left square has a capital letter T, and the bottom right square is filled in black. The other two squares are empty.


A couple friends and I have been competing on the New York Times mini crossword for around 8 (!) years. We have sent probably thousands of completion screenshots to each other, but sadly our long history of scores have never been collated and are lost in the ebbs and flows of new devices and iCloud backups. But no longer!

Tally is an application to store and compare completion times for the New York Times mini crossword, and possibly other puzzles in the future. I'm writing Tally using Next.js as a full stack framework. I'm working on a writeup of how I created it and the challenges along the way (authentication, woof... SSR, whoa!), but in the mean time you can check out the source code here.

Make an account! Start logging some times! Check out our scores at our tournament page.